FarmWars FarmPaper


One of the main elements of the game is the ownership of land. In order to play the game, a user should have a land to grow food, breed animals, & also mine Gold and iron ore. The Player can have upto a max of 6 land in the game which 3 slots being available and rest 3 can be unlocked with a expansion license NFT
Rarity – Common | Rare | Epic | Legendary | Mythic
Depending on the rarity of the land, the land will have size assigned which will determine how many NFTs can be placed on the land.
Each placed NFT on land will have its own size, once the land size is filled no more NFT can be placed on it.
Ex : A rare Land NFT having area 4 Unit will be able to have a well of area 1 Unit , a cowshed of area 2 Unit and a gold mine of area 1 Unit.
Legendary Land