Space Age

Once the player advances to the space age by upgrading the Farm Castle, a player can build a spaceship by combining different parts of an spaceship. To complete a spaceship, one of the components of the spaceship can be only found in the dungeons. The spaceship launcher building NFT can be used to launch spaceship in space.
Once the player completes a spaceship the number of people who can travel in a spaceship is decided by spaceship’s rarity and the planets it can travel to is decided by the fuel capacity which is also decided by the rarity and level of the spaceship. The fuel for the spaceship will be extracted from an oil field which is a NFT that can be placed on land to extract oil by the worker. All the traveler will need an Air NFT to land on other planet.
Once a player reaches a planet he will have to clear the planet of all local natural beasts by defeating them with an army to get the planet ownership NFT which will grant the player 5% of all resources mined on the planet by any other player. The first player to travel to a planet and defeat the wild beasts will get the ownership NFT. There will only be one ownership NFT per planet in the game.